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Peter Mann

Peter Mann writes and draws in San Francisco. Originally from Kansas, he began writing fiction after college while teaching English in Prague. Things then took an all-too-scholarly turn as he earned a Ph.D. in European history from Stanford, where he now teaches part-time in a freshman humanities program. In addition to writing, he likes making woodcuts, is a pathological doodler, and publishes a weekly comic strip on GoComics called “The Quixote Syndrome.”

He loves the weirdness of the past, especially when the past feels weirdly familiar, and is fascinated by the ideas of bygone centuries and the inspired—and occasionally unhinged—people who put them to paper. German art and literature, Spanish history, mordant Irish humor, and the imperial crossroads of the early American West—all are perfume to his mind.

When his mind is good and doused, he likes running, hiking, traveling, and beer-soaked evenings with friends. He lives up on a hill with his wife and two cats.
Amanda Jain and Michelle Johnson represent Peter Mann.
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