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Nola Sarina


Nola Sarina lives in Southern Alberta, Canada with her husband and three children. Born in Minnesota and raised to appreciate reading and writing of all types from an early age, she found her favorite titles within the genres of Dark Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror.

Nola began writing fiction as soon as she learned to read and spent her teenage years writing articles for newsletters and magazines. She frequently attends writer’s meetings and workshops, and participated in the 2012 When Words Collide in Calgary. She is a member of the Writer’s Guild of Alberta and routinely communicates and critiques with other young, dedicated authors to hone her craft and help others do the same.

Inspired by the lessons of her Catholic upbringing, Nola drew upon her fascination with sin and penance to fathom new creatures of nightmares to devour the human race: Vespers, demons cursed by the serpent guardian of the apple tree in the story of Original Sin. The characters of Boundless Obsidian will make readers question what sins are worth dying for and which beliefs must be challenged to carve a new path in life.
Michelle Johnson represents Nola Sarina.
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