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Naomi Davis

Naomi is currently closed to unsolicited queries.

Naomi Davis has a background in writing, editing, and customer service, has been Michelle's ultimately amazing assistant for two years and is now taking on select projects.

When she's not entertaining her spawn, she's immersed entirely in imaginary worlds with the characters who inspire her fiction, or reading stories with characters who spring off the page, grip her by the heart (/throat), and wring her emotionally dry. She loves a good bad guy, especially when he has a story to tell, too.

She currently represents a handful of select clients and is passionate about working with authors to shape their voice and platform to their fullest potential.

In fiction, Naomi is interested in Romance of any variety including Paranormal, fresh Urban Fantasy, general Fantasy, New Adult, and light Sci-Fi, as well as upper Young Adult stories in those categories.

In non-fiction, Naomi prefers memoirs that teach readers a new way of looking at real human situations, especially (but not limited to) memoirs about living with disabilities, facing criticism, and mental illness.
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