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Julie Sondra Decker



Julie Sondra Decker is a Floridian writer and editor whose passion for books emerged early in life.  She began writing novels at age fourteen, and has completed nine novels, more than twenty short stories, and dozens of articles and essays.  She's worked as a freelance editor since 2000, and has been editing for published and unpublished writers ever since.
In fiction, Julie usually focuses on speculative fiction, fantasy, and science fiction.  Her fantasy trilogy Bad Fairy is a Sleeping Beauty retelling, and her other works include science fiction romance, magical realism, and unusual relationships in modern settings. 

In nonfiction, Julie is known as a prominent voice for the asexual community, and her articles and interviews on the subject of asexuality are frequently published in mainstream magazines.  One of her interviews is heavily featured in the 2011 documentary (A)sexual.  Her introductory nonfiction book on this underrepresented topic, THE INVISIBLE ORIENTATION, was released September 2nd, 2014 (Carrel, a Skyhorse imprint).
Julie majored in music and education at the University of Florida and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in elementary education in the summer of 2000.  She was a children’s book specialist at a bookstore for six years, and enjoys singing, making websites, drawing, baking, and playing tennis.  She’s produced an online graphic novel on a weekly basis since May 2005, and occasionally publishes cartoons about writing online.  She lives and works in Tampa, Florida.

Michelle Johnson represents Julie Sondra Decker's Fiction.
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