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Dylan Taylor-Lehman

Dylan Taylor-Lehman is a nonfiction writer currently based in semi-rural southwestern Ohio. Operating under the certainty that truth is absolutely stranger than fiction, his writings explore the little-known worlds behind everyday jobs, hobbies, and places, and the people that inhabit them. He is by nature fairly upbeat, and strives to write with good humor and compassion about any subject.

He has worked as a carpenter, office drone, professional mover, and overnight hotel maintenance man, as well as a substitute teacher, black mold remover and in the admissions department of a swanky New England college. These adventures have helped satisfy his boundless curiosity about life outside his own experience, and have taught him a thing or two about what it’s like to sub for a gym teacher (completely impossible) or work on a shower drain while someone in a towel waits impatiently behind you. But his true calling has always writing, which helped put some of the less-than-savory experiences into perspective – even at their most ridiculous, dangerous, or bizarre, they at least make for great stories. He currently works as a reporter for the Yellow Springs News, a job he thoroughly enjoys.

When not writing for work and for pleasure, he can be found reading (obviously) and riding his bike aimlessly but very happily across miles of back country roads. He is also a noisy music enthusiast and inveterate eater, and has never met a cat he didn’t talk to in a high-pitched cat voice.

Amanda Jain and Michelle Johnson represent Dylan Taylor-Lehman.

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