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Donna S. Frelick


I was born on a Friday the 13th in the midst of the Baby Boom.  The early part of my childhood was spent being dragged hither and yon as part of my military family until we settled in Nashville, Tennessee.  By the time I graduated from high school I needed a break from the Music City, so I headed north to Beloit College in Wisconsin for my B.A. in International Relations.  I met my husband, Graeme, there, and we joined the Peace Corps after we married in 1976.  After four years in West Africa, we came back to jobs in Washington, D.C.
I got tired of the bureaucracy and “retired from public life” in 1985. Since that time I’ve raised two girls (and helped raise one grandson), tried organic farming, worked as a freelance journalist and editor, been a community activist, earned black belts in two different styles of martial arts, written four STAR TREK fanfic novels (and a number of short stories) for “underground” publication and launched my science fiction suspense romance career.  I currently live in Fredericksburg, Virginia with my husband, an undisciplined pit bull/Lab mix puppy and a talkative cat.  When I’m not writing, I teach tai chi and karate and dream of moving to our 44 acres in the mountains north of Asheville North Carolina.

Michelle Johnson represents Donna S. Frelick.
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