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Anna Kaling


Anna is a bid writer for a construction consultancy by day and a romance author by night.

Her first inspirations were Roald Dahl, Enid Blyton and Jacqueline Wilson. The first romance to make her heart ache was between Will and Lyra in Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials.

She spent her teenage years doing more reading than writing, and turned her attention from the arts to science. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in animal behavioral science, she worked at a cow sanctuary in Hertfordshire, England, where she found her niche writing the blog and a quarterly newsletter.

Once she’d had enough of manure and being headbutted by one-tonne bulls (twice), and had snagged a cowboy husband (once), she joined a construction consultancy as a bid writer.

Anna lives in Hertfordshire with her mum (who refuses to read her books – “too much sex and swearing, there’s no need for it”), her husband (who would rather be playing cricket than reading), a ginger fluff ball called Sir Tedward McGinger (who assists in the writing process by lying on the laptop keyboard) and a bandy-legged tortoiseshell called Pepper (who is of no help whatsoever).
Michelle Johnson and Amanda Jain represent Anna Kaling.
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