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Amy Cavenaugh

Amy Cavenaugh is a single mom of three, church secretary, and author of A SCARRED MIND, an adult thriller which follows a reluctant psychic as he tries to stop a killer.

Since Amy was a young teen, she’s been obsessed with two things: New Kids on the Block and writing. Both are her passion and she believes she wouldn’t have one without the other. Her first books were fan fiction (although that wasn’t a term way back when) with characters based on the New Kids. She’s a diehard Joe girl. When Amy loves something, she’s very loyal. It’s for life. She’s been watching Supernatural (Dean girl) since the pilot and will watch until the bitter end, probably sobbing her way through an entire box of tissues. Wait, scratch that. It can never end!!

When not writing or working the day job, she enjoys running and will eventually complete more than a 5k. She devours just about anything by Harlan Coben and Stephen King. Coffee is her drug. And everything pumpkin. And also Oreos.  Pumpkin spice coffee with Oreos = happy Amy.

She lives in small town North Carolina with her twin sister (also a writer), daughter (yup, budding writer) and three cats named after characters from Psych: Guster, Shawn & Juliet. (The cats aren’t writing yet.)
Michelle Johnson represents Amy Cavenaugh.
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