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#OwnVoices Initiative
Mission Statement:
At Inklings Literary Agency we always strive to bring diverse authors into the mainstream, but we want to take that commitment one step further.
As part of our ongoing outreach for #ownvoices manuscripts, we are adding a promise to you, the diverse author, in the form of an open door submission policy.

What this means:
If you are an author who lives within any group of a minority or marginalized segment of society, as long as you and your protagonist share at least one aspect of a marginalized identity, we invite you to submit your query and full manuscript. We know that every manuscript submitted is done so with the hope of representation, but we can't guarantee that result. We can, however, commit that we will read the manuscript in its entirety, and offer a full evaluation with the hopes of helping you get at least one step closer to publication.

What to do:
Please send your query in the body of the email, with #ownvoices in the subject line. Attach your manuscript as a Word .doc or .docx. Send it to

What will happen next:

You will immediately receive an auto-response email letting you know that your email has gotten through.
We will respond personally to every submission at the very least with the promised evaluation.
*Please allow for 3-4 months response time.

Defining #OwnVoices:
We are looking specifically for marginalized writers who write main characters that share an aspect of their identity. This includes primarily (but is not necessarily limited to) all people of color, all members of the LGBTQ+ community, all people with disabilities (including mental, physical, addictions, etc.), and all people who practice a religion that is not the religion of the majority in the country where they live. 

If you aren't sure if you and your character will fit into our scope, please send an email with your question to with the subject #OwnVoices Question and our team will get back to you quickly with an answer.

Our #OwnVoices Team

Michelle Johnson is the driving force behind the Inklings #OwnVoices Initiative and a staunch advocate for diversity in fiction. Her ultimate goal, which is shared by every member of this team, is to see every child represented on the covers of their favorite stories. For more information, visit her agent bio here.

Elizabeth Maddock is a dedicated editorial intern with Inklings, where she has worked for the past year to help discover and provide guidance for new authors and their stories, focusing especially on promoting culturally diverse authors and narratives.

Currently an undergraduate student at Fordham University where she is double-majoring in English and International Studies, Elizabeth also works as a freelance writer for college lifestyle websites such as The Odyssey and The Lala.

Tonigrace Artacho is a talented editorial intern with Inklings who loves reading great authors with even greater stories. She believes that everyone has a story to be told and everyone deserves a chance for their voice to be heard.

Alex Barba is a literary agent with Inklings Literary Agency, bringing her passion for advocating for diversity to our #OwnVoices Initiative. For more information, visit her agent bio here.

Would you like to help us make a difference?

We'd love to hear from you!

If you are interested in joining the Inklings #OwnVoices initiative, please email your passionate cover letter and attached resume with "#OwnVoices Initiative" in the subject line to
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